Rajk László College for Advanced Studies

Rajk László College for Advanced Studies is a self-governing student organization, an educational institute and a living community of the active members. The college was founded in 1970 by the students of the Corvinus University of Budapest (at that time it was called Karl Marx University of Economic Sciences) and it has more than 700 alumni members so far. Its main purpose was to provide members with a wide range of possibilities for professional, social and political self-education and activity. We believe that the basic outlines of the mission of our institution established at the time of foundation are still valid, though several elements of its contents have gone through substantial changes since the beginnings.

Rajk College belongs to Corvinus University of Budapest, hence it is an independent institute. All the important issues are handled by the members, including recruitment of freshmen. Creativity, social sensitivity, entrepreneurial spirit and professional competences are values of the college. The institute sets high professional and academic standards and pursues to connect the international scientific life. That is why CEC is organized and outstanding economic scholars and business thinkers visit the College to accept its awards.

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Visiting professors about Rajk


“Visiting the College has been a very exciting experience. This is a unique combination of brilliant students, co-created learning experience, and an open environment. A unique model of learning.
I wish all-faculty and student the very best. With great admiration.”



C. K. Prahalad, 2009
Mr. Prahalad was the Paul and Ruth McCracken Distinguished University Professor of Corporate Strategy at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at University of Michigan.



It has been a surprise and a great honour to be awarded the Herbert Simon Prize. But it as been an even greater pleasure to visit the College and meet with so many of you. Rajk László College is a remarkable institution. I believe that what if offers educationally is an ideal complement to more formalized ‘explicit knowledge delivery’ of the university. Even more important is the opportunity to live and work within a peer-governed self-managed community. I wish you well.”


Robert M. Grant, 2006
Università Bocconi



Thank you very much for allowing me to give this year’s lecture. It s a great honor to be included on such an impressive list of people. The feedback from the students was equally impressive. You shared a great understanding of the material and economics in general. I think the organization at the school and programs are excellent and show how markets and free choice work in practice. Keep up the good work.”


Kevin M. Murphy, 2008
University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business