What to do if I am interested in more than one sections?

Indicate your preferences listed in the application form, next to describing your first choice, please mention the second and third. Please also do so in your motivation e-mail.


When will I find out whether I am selected for the conference?

You will receive an e-mail ca. 5-10 days after the Skype interviews. You will still have enough time to prepare for the discussions and read the required materials.


How much does the conference cost?

The conference fee covers accommodation, meals, a reader that contains the course materials and some free time activity. Accommodation will be provided in Rajk László College in rooms of 4-5 people. The conference is taking place in the College. The costs of travel are to be covered by you.


What about the living costs in Budapest?

Local transportation: You can buy 7-day passes for local transportation in Budapest which are valid for all means of public transport (metro, buses, trolleybuses and trams). You will not need a photo for the one-week pass. (A single ticket costs 350 HUF and the cost of a one-week student pass is 4950 HUF.)

Having fun: There might be a slight difference between the Central European countries, but the price level is nearly the same in the region. A beer is around 300 HUF (1 EUR) and a gyros is 700 HUF.


When will I have time to see the lovely city of Budapest?

To show you the best places of Budapest during the four days of the conference , we will organize events in the city, e.g. Budapest from above picnic and a sightseeing or a pub crawl. We can also provide you accommodation in the College for a humble fee if you want to arrive 2-3 days earlier, or stay some days longer to see the city. However, the four-day-program of the conference is very scarce, and we kindly ask you to be punctual and attend all the professional programs.