Get ready to discover 3 key sectors driving business innovation in the Western World!

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Welcome to the intro page of the Business Masterclass of the Central European Conference. If you join us, you’ll meet 10 thought leaders from 3 industries, along with 11 other inspiring business students from all over Europe.


What will we do at the Masterclass?

You’ll be a part of 4 days of interactive lectures from people who drive and analyze rapidly growing sectors like Fintech, Industry 4.0&Logistics, or Marketing Technologies.


Why should you participate?

In a nutshell: you’ll have a very exciting vacation in Budapest, where you’ll get to explore the city while uncovering the future of Business with excellent presenters and fellow students.

Who can participate? For our requirements, scroll down to the bottom of the page, to the “Requirements and Application” section.


Section topics

1. FinTech
Hear everything about future technologies and firms that will take over the banking and financial sector in the next 20 years. Combine our preparational materials with 4 expert speakers and you’ll get the gist of the industry in no time.

2. Industry 4.0
Are you eagerly awaiting drones to deliver your Amazon order? Are you interested in the Internet of Things? Ever wanted to visit a Smart Factory? We’ll have a day full of topics like this where you can get deeper into the subject and visit an experimental Smart Factory in Budapest.

3. Marketing Technologies
How much data should a firm store about its customers? How will the internet take marketing stats to a whole new level? How will strategies succeed in the age of Facebook , Google and AdBlockers?
Our marketing pros will make you fall in love with modern marketing, without the BS.


Section Teachers

Section teachers will be announced in a week. Expect a healthy mix of MIT Certified professionals, CEOs, analysts, and professors.


Sections organizers

Attila Beregszászi   

Chief organizer & Marketing Technology

Mercédesz Móder 

FinTech correspondent
+ 36203596078

Réka Losonczi

FinTech correspondent

Gábor Gyetvai

Industry 4.0 correspondent

Zita Anna Dobák

Industry 4.0 correspondent


Application requirements

1. Your CV
2. A blog post of 500-1000 words on “What is the next big small thing in Business?”
3. A motivation letter of not more than one page

We welcome every student with ongoing BA(MSc) or MA(MSc) level education, with a strong focus on business studies. We aim to achieve a good mix between applicants from different ages and fields. To apply, fill the registration form and send us the required documents to the following email:

Thanks for reading throught the page! We’ll hopefully meet at the masterclass 🙂