In this section we will to discover how technological development influences our society. During the four days we will to learn about the effects that technology has on our lives with special focus on education and the labour market.

On the first day we’re going to assess the subject from a philosophical point of view and we will discuss the main related questions of philosophy of technology. After establishing a common theoretical base, on the second day we move on to the topic of labour market. In this case the main questions are how automatisation and big data can eliminate or establish jobs and what skills will be needed in the future. On the third day we are going to visit a automatisation research institute based in Budapest. Finally, our last day is going to be focused on education and changes in educational practice.

We hope that these four days will help every participant to get a more detailed picture about the interconnectedness of technology and society. Our goal is to discover these connections with interesting lectures from professionals, interactive workshops connected to every topic and vivid debates about the possibilities.


Section teacher

Péter Fehér

Corvinus University of Budapest


Section organizers

Anna Chornitzer

Corvinus University of Budapest
+36 20 589 3509


Viktória Haász

Corvinus University of Budapest
+36 20 538 2698


Dóra Kovács

Corvinus University of Budapest
+36 70 772 6701

Requirements & Application:

We are looking forward to the application of students of social sciences, economics and business studies (both BA and MA-level).

You shall send a motivation letter, a short (500-1000 words) blogpost related to the topic of knowledge-based society and your CV to apply to the section. Applications will be evaluated according to these requirements. Please send the required materials to and register here!